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Herbs & Oil Foot & Body Bath Salt


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About: Soothe and detoxify your body and feet with nourishing botanics and healing salts and enjoy essential-oil powered aromatherapy. Our salt blends contain magnesium-rich Epsom Salts and trace mineral-rich Dead Sea mineral salts and Himalayan pink salts to best maximize the natural healing power of ionic minerals. Seasonal blends of herbs, flowers, and select essential oils will turn your hot bath or foot soak into a spa event while infusing your skin and senses with nutrient-rich plant extracts.

Ingredients: Epsom Salts, pink Himalayan salt, Dead Sea mineral salt, Doterra therapeutic-grade essential oil (varies), (organic herbal and floral ingredients vary seasonally, may include: lavendar, lemongrass, tulsi, nettle, chamomile, calendula, rosehips, rose, cat mint, sorrel, basil, Shisu).

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Use: Place 1-2 tablespoons of the concenrated herbal salt mix in the hot water of a bath or foot soak tub. Optionally add 1 cup of pure unscented Epsom Salts to a bath tub of hot water (1/2 cup for foot soak tub), optionally also add to hot bath water 1/2 cup of baking soda (1/4 for foot soak tub). Adding the extra salt increases absorption by the skin, possibly enhancing muscle and joint pain soothing.

Floral & Herbal Baths: Teas, Milks, & Rices


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About: Soothe your skin with nourishing plant micronutrients while enjoying aromatherapy.

Our bath teas are wild-crafted and organic herbal and floral combinations selected to soften and revitalize your skin.

Our bath rices contain a blend of dried wild-crafted and organic herbs and flowers with rinsed and dried organic jasmine rice. The interaction between the hot water and the rice surface releases skin nourishing rice milk. The skin-rejuvenating power of rice baths have been known to Asian cultures for centuries.

Our bath milks are a unique blend of dried organic goat, coconut, and butter (cow) milk. Mixed with herbs, flowers, and a touch of essential oil, a bath milk is skin soothing and aromatherapeutically enjoyable.


Bath Tea: wild-grown lavender, tulsi, wild- grown sage, chamomile, nettles, rose hips

Bath Tea: wild-grown shiso, tulsi (holy basil), lemongrass, chamomile, licorice black tea

Bath Rice: rinsed prganic jasmine rice, sage, calendula, lemongrass, chamomile

Bath Milk: buttermilk, goat milk, coconut milk, tulsi, rose, wild-grown lavender

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Use: Each herb-filled bag can be used for a single bath. Place 1 herb-filled muslin tea bag or tea filter in the hot water of your bath tub or foot bath and enjoy for at least 15 minutes of soaking. Remove after use and discard (except the muslin bag can be re-used).

Notes: Feel free to add Epsom Salts (1/2 cup) and/or baking soda (1/4 cup) to your herbal bath tea (not recommended for milk bath or bath rice). The packaging varies from re-useable muslin pouches, to undyed natural filter paper to plastic bags made of degradable, compostable plant cellulose by Good Start Packaging.

Bija Blends Essential Oil Roll-Ons


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About: These are easy to apply essential oil roll-ons. Great for home, travel, and on-the-go use. Align Botanica Bija Blends essential oil roll-ons are skin-friendly and unique.

Ingredients: We blend several DoTerra essential oils that complement each other towards a specific aromatherapeutic goal. To be safe for direct-use on skin, we dilute the essential oils in a blend of 3 organic carrier oils (fractionated coconut, avocado, hempseed).

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Use: Roll onto neck, temples, behind ears, inside of arms, behind knees, wrists, and soles of feet. Each blend has a unique scent with different wellness-enhancing properties.

Aromatherapy Bath Bombs and Shower Fizzies

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About: These hand-crafted products make your bath or shower a memorable, aromatherapeutic self care experience. Combinations of dried herbs, dried flowers, essential oils, and salts are thoughtfully blended to smell amazing, be relaxing, and offer soul and body healing.


herbal bath bombs: various herbs or flowers including but not limited lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, and rose, various DoTerra essential oils, baking soda, arrowroot, cornstarch, citric acid, epsom salts.

herbal shower fizzers: various herbs or flowers including but not limited to eucalyptus and peppermint, various DoTerra essential oils, baking soda, arrowroot, cornstarch, citric acid, witch hazel. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE IN BATH DUE TO PEPPERMINT CONTENT

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Bath bombs: Place in hot bath water and watch as it dissolves, releasing the oils, herbs, and salts. Soak for at least 15 min.

Shower Fizzy: Place on floor of shower, so that it can be soaked by shower spray but slightly away from drain. The hot shower water will activate the fizz, dissolving & releasing the essential oils and herbs into the steamy air.

Notes: It is not recommended to use the shower fizzy in a hot bath as the peppermint and similarly volatile oils and herbs that are great for clearing sinuses and calming the senses in the shower but can irritate sensitive skin areas when in bath water.

Soothing Herbal Skin Salves


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About: Our skin-soothing salves are blends of nut butters, herbal extracts, and therapeutic essential oils each delivering unique healing and nourishing plant micronutrients.

Ingredients: organic shea butter, organic illipe butter, kokum butter, raw cacao butter, grapeseed oil, refined neem oil, hemp seed oil, organic beeswax, various herbal extracts (steam or oil-extracted), various DoTerra therapeutic/food-grade essential oils.

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Use: Scoop out a dime or quarter-size amount of salve and rub between finger tips to soften, massage into skin as needed.

Use: It is NOT recommended to use the salve on skin areas with open wounds or extreme irritation. Also avoid eyes, lips, and other mucus membranes (anus, vagina).

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