Dr. Sarah M R Burns is a certified yoga teacher, neuroscientist, and herbalist. She has trained in business development, Reiki, Ayurveda, dance, and martial arts, and has a PhD in Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering. She co-founded Biotectix, a neuromedical device company that is now part of Heraeus Medical.

She is the owner and creative director of Align Botanica LLC, a wellness resource that sells unique organic body care products and promotes radical self care, wellness activism, personalized nutrition, and alternative therapies to complement western allopathic medical treatments.

Her diverse training in science & art and personal experience as a cancer survivor richly inspires her yoga & meditation teaching and her work with Align Botanica.

She host workshops with Align Botanica and teaches private and group yoga through Sarah Burns Yoga and at A2 Yoga.

EMAIL to connect or visit Sarah Burns Yoga for info on private yoga sessions.

Follow on Instagram @sarahburnsyoga & @alignbotanica.

Details on Dr. Burns training & certification.