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Plant Extracts & Essential Oils

At Align Botanica, we think that essential oils are great for supporting healing and enhancing well-being. Essential oils and plant extracts not only smell wonderful and can elevate mood but they are also packed with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial molecules and more. Hence just small amounts of pure and therapeutic grade essential oils are needed to receive benefits to health and wellness. 

Align Botanica's BIJA BLENDS body & face care products are powered by DoTerra essential oils. 

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Why DoTerra and not other brands or sources of essential oils?

Align Botanica's Founder, President, and Creative Director, Dr. Sarah MR Burns explains that due to the molecular structure of every kind of oil molecule, oil is naturally capable of moving across membrane barriers such as skin and lungs and within the bloodstream and into individual cells of our body's organs. Therefore it is incredibly important that real, pure plant oils are used on and within the body or breathed through air diffusion as opposed to synthetic, altered, or oils diluted with possibly artificial or unknown carrier oils.

DoTerra essential oils are different than oils available at supermarkets or drugstores because DoTerra oils are not synthetic or pre-diluted in carrier oils. DoTerra oils are pure, concentrated, and full strength so only a few drops are needed for air diffusers and must first be diluted with carrier oil (e.g. coconut, olive, jojoba, your favorite unscented lotion, etc.) for use on the body.  

A little more about Essential Oils

Recent scientific and clinical research has shown that the highly concentrated plant oils contain diverse bioactive chemicals including terpenes and polyphenols and more. These are readily absorbed into the body through the skin and by breathing and easily dispersed throughout the body and taken up by cells and organs.

Just like pharmaceuticals and herbal supplements, essential oils (EO) are bioactive once inside your body. The body sees the EO molecules similarly to food or drugs, getting signals from the EO to make new tissues, repair injured tissues, or activate various programs within the cells of your tissues. This can be wonderful and empowering when using a high quality oil in a purposeful way.

However this is also why oil quality and sourcing matter. If you are diffusing oils into the air then you are breathing in the oil molecules and if you are applying oils to your skin, then the oils are being absorbed by your tissues. Therefore it makes sense that you would want only natural, real and therapeutic grade plant oils and not synthetic oils or chemical fragrances that have no therapeutic value and may be harmful.

There has been much recent discussion in the scientific and wellness community in the past few years about the powerful therapeutic effects of various EO. For example, turmeric (and it's oil extracts) have been fund to be powerful anti-inflammatory and may even anti-cancer effects. Tea Tree oil (aka Melaleuca) is a proven anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent. Lavender oil shows calming and anti-arthritic qualities in clinical tests, Peppermint is a known digestive aide, and Oregano oil is a tested and effective anti-parasitic. 

A few less well known examples of the potent biological effects of essential oils include 1) just an ounce of Clove essential oil has as much anti-oxidant activity as 450 pounds of carrots (really), 2) Nutmeg and Lavender essential oil have been shown to be as effective at killing intestinal parasites and curing bacterial infections, respectively as well as commonly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs, and 3) use of Dill, Coriander, and Fennel essential oils have each been associated with lowering blood sugar and decreasing insulin resistance.

DoTerra essential oils are the highest quality therapeutic and food grade plant-derived essential oils on the market. DoTerra also has a full line of common and hard-to-find single plant source essential oils as well as unique oil blends and essential oil-enhanced products including soaps, skincare, and vitamins.

Due to their high quality and pure sourcing, doTerra oils are great as air fresheners and for aromatherapy and also are safe for use on skin and can be added to foods & drinks, when used as directed. Each oil or oil blend has it's own unique set of therapeutic properties. These oils come backed by DoTerra's safety, sourcing, & quality commitments. 

DoTerra is a direct marketing company. You can only get these oils through sales representatives or by becoming a wholesale client (more than 20% off retail) or a sales rep yourself.

Read more HERE about how doTerra distills, extracts, and purifies their oils. HERE is info about doTerra's plant sourcing and community outreach with their growers.