Content from select past Align Botanica Events


Salt bath discovery: may 2017

Soothe your body & feet with nourishing essential oil and herb-infused bath salts. Here you'll find recipes for making your own bath salt blends at home and info on our Bija Blends salt bath products.


march 2017 Workshop: Adaptogens & Abhyanga

Discover adaptogens, nature's gift of immune system and resilience-boosting botanicals that help us better handle stress and manage our daily energy levels. Here you'll find slides from the workshop, recommended self care practices, and recipes for adaptogen-infused lattes, tonics, and superfood snacks as well as info on how to perform abhyanga or self acupressure and reflexology foot massage.


December 2016: 2 weeks of radical self care

You're invited to explore these 14 self care experiences. Follow as a 2 week cycle of daily self care activities or pick and choose according to your interests and body's needs. Here you'll find self care practices and recipes. This self care cycle was originally hosted during the last 2 weeks leading up to the winter solstice, a time called "the Deep Yin" when our bodies, minds, and spirits need extra care. However, the practices offered here are also relevant during other times of year.


October 2016: Demystifying Detox

Learn some of the science behind "detox'ing", sample nutrient-rich superfood-infused beverages, and test out "farm-to-face" anti-oxidant masks. Discuss how juices and teas can be safely and effectively used to support your body's natural detox processes. Here you'll find slides from the workshop, recommended self care practices, and recipes

spring 2016 rejuvenation.jpg

april 2016: spring renewal workshop

Discover ways to support your body, mind, and spirit during the seasonal transition with renewing and rejuvenating self care practices. Sample probiotic drinks to support gut healing, learn a gentle movement mediation to calm and invigorate, and craft your own body-nourishing herbal and floral bath teas. Here you'll findslides from the workshop, recommended self care practices, and recipes.