Our Promise

Align Botanica is founded on principles of whole life wellness and personal empowerment. We believe that each of us has the right to be well, feel good, and have a high quality of life throughout our entire lives, no matter our age, life circumstances, or health condition. Unfortunately, this can be really difficult in our modern life where there is so much that challenges our well-being and is out of our control.

Despite this, we believe that a new kind of wellness empowerment is possible through a combination of personal responsibility, an attitude of possibility, development of relationships with practitioners who are willing to collaboratively partner with you and not just authorize or permit, and access to information and resources relevant to wellness & healing. 

So to find and create more wellness and well-being in spite of all the road blocks, we must draw on the one powerful resource that each of us has and that is the ingenuity of our own bodies. To fuel this power source and possibly unlock latent wellness & healing capacities, we must nourish the body, mind, and spirit with the myriad natural resources provided to us by this universe and with select man-made intelligence and technology.

Living a wellness-promoting lifestyle is all-encompassing, not just on days when we are not feeling well and not just about what we eat or do for exercise. Living a wellness-centered life is about actively, evolutionarily, and continuously crafting and steering our lifestyle and life experience towards enhanced and sustainable well-being. It's about living consciously and mindfully, always doing our best to take into consideration our whole body-mind-spirit "in-vironment" and those of our families, friends, the wider societal ecosystem, and the whole Earth and universal environment. When we individually make changes and find more wellness in our lives, this causes a ripple effect that reaches out to the beings around us, directly or indirectly also bringing them more wellness.

A wellness-promoting life is about being open-minded, inclusive, life-affirming, supportive, promotive, non-paternalistic, non-authoritative, and non-judgmental of our fellow human beings and living in a state of "possibility" and open-ness for ourselves, aspiring towards not judging ourselves or others and towards unconditionally loving ourselves. It's about acknowledging, appreciating, honoring, and being grateful for the abundance and opportunity in our lives, caring for our communities and environments, using resources and materials with intentional moderation, and building into our lives time for sharing, charity, and service. It's about knowing that conscious living does not happen all at once or in the same way for each person. Each new moment brings another chance to better align consciously and mindfully with your values. 

The implications of living this way are inherently multi-dimensional and perhaps overwhelming. To some people, these statements will seem absurd, idealistic, or grandiose, especially for a company doing business in the United States. Yet, we believe that conscious living is the best way to have a fulfilling and enriched life today and the best hope for the future of humanity, all beings, Earth, and beyond. And if we are to truly live consciously then we must extend this to all aspects of our lives, including to our business, service, or work.

So what this means for our promise to you as customers and clients of Align Botanica is that we approach doing business consciously and mindfully, doing our best to support the 3 ecosystems of our body-mind-spirits, our Earth, and our society. What that means practically is that we take a collaborative and partnering approach to doing and growing our business, believing that success is mutually gained by supporting, sharing, and working with other business owners and experts to further each others endeavors. It means that the information we post on our website and the businesses or products that we promote are aligned with our principle of creating more whole life wellness. It means that the wellness and self care information and resources that we post on our website or in our store(s) are done so with a spirit of integrity and are true to the best of our knowledge, backed or vetted by professional, scientific, and/or medical sources and acknowledging and honoring of the original source material or person.

Further, our promise means that our services offer something of value to our clients, promoting wellness or healing, our products are, whenever possible, organic, plant-based, sustainably grown/harvested/obtained, fair-trade, and attuned to social justice concerns, and our packaging is minimal, sourced and comprised of materials that are environmentally-friendly. We also do our best to make sure that the products and packaging of our partner businesses rise to similar standards that we set for ourselves.

To take these ideas a step further, similar to our belief in collaboration and partnering with fellow business owners, we aspire to provide guidance and support to empower our customers and clients to get involved and create their own wellness-promoting products and lifestyle by developing, curating, and providing recipes, tutorials, and protocols.

Lastly, our promise to our customers and clients is that we are fully transparent in our product information, sourcing, and ingredients, business-to-business relationships, and our disclaimers and that when relevant we will post or include in labeling any outside source or reference in support of a product claim or information statement. We welcome all questions and complements. Email us.

--SMRB 2016--