We founded Align Botanica in 2015 because we believe that everyone has the right to be well and feel good no matter our age, life circumstances, or health condition.

The name "Align Botanica" reflects a recognition of the shared power of aligning with and tuning into the body's wisdom and of honoring and utilizing nature's botanical medicine to support self care and elevate wellness.

Over thousands of years, humankind survived and evolved by joining instinct and intellect to stay well, becoming experts at self care out of necessity. Now in our modern life, self care is viewed as a luxury or a nuisance and wellness is often confused with healthiness and youthfulness.

At Align Botanica, we believe that wellness-seeking activities and mindful self care practices are still necessities and not indulgences. We wanted to build a resource that helps inspire exploration and enable discovery of ways to be well within modern life and throughout all of life's stages and challenges. We wanted to create a space where ideas around wellness activism and radical self care can begin to take material form and where it's okay to use any means necessary to nourish, boost, or supercharge the body, mind, and spirit so that the most wellness is possible no matter what life brings.


We believe that being well and having a high quality of life are the best ways to take care of our bodies and honor the life force that we have been given in this lifetime. When we are well, we feel good and energized and we have more fulfillment and are able to better serve other beings and the environment. Being well cared for and supported allows us to go out into the world to make a bigger impact.

Wellness is a state of body, mind, and spirit that is centered on being attuned to the the needs of the vital force within our bodies, consciously choosing life-affirming behaviors, and seeking out activities, foods, and relationships that enhance our feelings of well-being.

Wellness is unique to each person and stage of life. Wellness has multiple layers and applies to families & communities as well as individuals. Wellness is for those who are healthy and those who are challenged with a disability, illness, injury, or disease. Those who consider themselves healthy are not necessarily well and those who have disability or illness can still have wellness. Read more here.

A key way to build and sustain wellness is through the practice of a kind of self care that is conscious, intentional, and mindful, also known as radical self care. Read more here.

We hope that our products, services, and events can inspire & help empower our customers and clients to develop and deepen self care practices and create space in their lives for activities that are uplifting and wellness-promoting.

We believe that every person has the right to take an active and collaborative role in designing and creating more wellness and well-being in their lives by working in partnership with our bodies and our healthcare and wellness practitioners to feel our best everyday. 

We teach and recommend only what we practice or have experienced or use for ourselves or for our families. This way we stay grounded in truth and more connected to our clients. 

We believe in using and learning from the diverse sciences and perspectives of ancient healing systems including Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, western herbalism, ancient American plant medicine, and modern naturopathic, holistic, and western (traditional/allopathic) medicine.

We are wellness activists with professional training, continuing education certification, and experience in wellness, exercise, healing, and a variety of healthcare modalities. We are not licensed medical doctors, psychologists, or dietitians. 

We promote the idea that information and resources to empower wellness in ourselves and our communities should be readily available and shared. 


Align Botanica's customers & clients include those who want to elevate their wellness and enrich their quality of life as well as those who want to find greater wellness in spite of illness, injury, chronic disease or the effects of aging and life transitions.

--SMRB 2017--