Yoga with SB

3-session package is $75. each session is approx. 1 hr

These private and personalized yoga sessions are held in one of my 2 home studio spaces, either a private space with props, mirrors, and a yoga swing in my house or a large, less private open room with windows in the common house of my townhouse community. The sessions can be used to focus on a variety of things, including:

- beginning/basic yoga and getting familiar with props and poses

- exploring yoga practice in privacy

- using yoga therapy for injuries, joint and movement challenges, or chronic pain

- coming back to yoga after a hiatus

- trying new yoga forms (vinyasa, hatha, arial, kundalini, chair, and more)

- building strength and flexibility

- advancing your yoga asana practice to include inversions, arm balances, and binds

- discovering movement meditation, sitting meditation, yoga nidra (meditative relaxation with very little movement)